Island Coast High School Spreading Sustainability

Island Coast High School Spreading Sustainability
Posted on 10/03/2019
Community Members looking at ICHS garden

Island Coast High Schools’ Academy of Natural Resources has been teaching sustainability since 2007. Through the years the Academy’s students have assisted companies, non-profits and the community in setting up hydroponics and aquaponics systems in south Florida. Now they are spreading this advanced form of learning to other schools in Lee County.

Academy students have designed a 400-plant hydroponic system for South Fort Myers High School. They will deliver the customized garden on Friday, October 4th.

“The student from Island Coasts High School’s Academy of Natural Resources will be teaching students from South Fort Myers high school how to design, lay-out, build and operate a vertical hydroponics system,” says Academy Founder Joe Mallon. “All students involved will be enriching their educational experience in the lessons of food security, water conservation, and water quality issues such agricultural nutrient run-off, olericulture and horticulture.”

The Academy of Natural Resources is also dedicated to designing, delivering and setting up another hydroponic system at Riverdale High School in early November and hopefully a third at the Buckingham Exceptional Student Center in early December.

Island Coast’s Natural Resources Academy is a career academy with a thematic focus on environmental studies and sustainability. The program is highlighted by an Aquaculture and Hydroponic laboratory program that integrates Agriscience, aquaculture, and general environmental issues, as well as alternative energies. The Academy offers a science-rich general course of studies that can lead to either college or career specialties.