Students to Interview Space Station Astronaut

Students to Interview Space Station Astronaut
Posted on 02/13/2020
Students and teacher who will ask astronaut a question pose for group photo

We are excited to announce that students from across the District will speak to International Space Station Astronaut Drew Morgan through a satellite video downlink on Thursday, February 27th. The Earth-to-space call is currently scheduled for 12:40pm and will air live on NASA Television, the agency’s website and the School District’s Facebook page.

“This is going to be a once in a lifetime experience for these students,” says 5th grade Science Teacher and downlink organizer Courtney Black. “I am so excited to have the opportunity to encourage them to keep studying science and possibly pursue a STEM oriented career. It’s going to be an amazing day.”

20 students from all grade levels across the county were selected to ask astronaut Drew Morgan a question during the in-flight conversation. They submitted applications in December that included a video, why they wanted to participate and the questions they would ask.

The February 27th conversation will celebrate 50 years since the moon landing, life in space today and envisioning the future of space travel and habitation. 50 schools across the District have incorporated space themed projects into their lessons as preparation for the event.

Fort Myers High School will host the Earth-to Space call in their auditorium. The program begins at 11:00am and includes space themed student art on display, lunar rocks, meteor samples, and special presentations. It will conclude at 1:00pm when the in-flight interview is over. Any changes to the scheduled video downlink time will be announced next week.