Bonita Springs Elementary School Designated a Blue Zone School

Bonita Springs Elementary School Designated a Blue Zone School
Posted on 02/18/2020
Bonita Springs Elementary School building, front view

We are excited to announce Bonita Springs Elementary is the first District school designated a Blue Zone Project Approved Worksite. Bonita Springs Elementary is also being designated a Blue Zone School, making it the first school in Southwest Florida to earn this dual honor.

“I am extremely proud of my staff and my students for all the hard work they’ve put in to earn two Blue Zone designations,” says Bonita Springs Elementary Principal Rob Cooper. “We are healthier, working smarter and learning more because of the lifestyle changes we’ve made.”

The Blue Zones Project is a community-wide wellbeing improvement initiative to help make healthier choices easier for everyone around Southwest Florida. Blue Zones offer solutions for worksites to inspire employees to be happier and more productive. Blue Zone Schools encourage better eating habits, implement tobacco-free policies, and increase physical activity. To earn its two designations, Bonita Springs Elementary provided among other things, healthy meals, more time for exercise, a focus on wellness, and support of a conducive environment toward positive choices.

In July of 2019 the Lee County Public Education Center was recognized as a Blue Zone Project Approved Worksite. The District has saved more than $124 million in health care costs through the Active Lee Employee Wellness Department, which gives District employees access to health programs, support resources, exercise classes and wellness coaching to empower them to make healthier lifestyle choices. Active Lee tracks the results of those classes and has seen significant improvement in reversing diabetes, reducing high cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and cutting the number of pain medication prescriptions.