Varsity Lakes Middle School Walk-4-Water

Varsity Lakes Middle School Walk-4-Water
Posted on 05/20/2019
Varsity Lakes Middle School Walk-4-Water

For the second year in a row, students at Varsity Lakes Middle School are learning about global water scarcity and participating in a “Walk-4-Water.” Their goal is to raise $5,238 to fully fund a clean water project for the Namarambi Primary School in Kenya.

“Through the Walk-4-Water service project we aim to inspire students to look beyond themselves and empower them to work on solving an authentic world problem- global water scarcity,” says Teacher Kim Cabrera. “By raising money that benefits children in a third world country, students realize that they have the power to affect tangible change in their local and global community. We hope that students catch the vision and are left with a powerful message- ‘I can use my life to make the world better.’”

Varsity Lakes identified the Namarambi Primary School because a dirty river is the student’s only source of drinking water. The goal of Walk-4-Water is to provide:

  • Clean drinking water
  • New hand-washing stations
  • New VIP latrines
  • Sanitation & hygiene training

Last year, the students set a goal of $5,638 for the Sabane Primary School in Kenya. They raised more than $7,400 to pay for a Rainwater Catchment Tank, VIP Latrines and Handwashing Stations for the school’s 700 students. The project was completed by Christmas and students and staff were trained in sanitation and hygiene. Varsity Lakes partnered with H20 For Life to help the students at Sabane and is teaming up with them again to help the students at Namarambi.

“We are trying to teach our students not just academically but mentor them on how to contribute to their community,” says teacher Kathleen Reyes. “Also, how to use their motivation, voice, and empathy towards a cause, no matter how small they feel their footprint is.”

The Walk-4-Water starts at 10:00am on Friday, May 24th on the track at Varsity Lakes Middle School. Students are currently raising donations and pledges. Cash and checks made out to Varsity Lakes Middle School can be dropped off in the school office at 801 Gunnery Rd North in Lehigh Acres. Donations can also be made online at