District Wins Highest Award from IMS Global Learning Consortium

District Wins Highest Award from IMS Global Learning Consortium
Posted on 05/31/2019
District Wins Highest Award from IMS Global Learning Consortium

The School District of Lee County is proud to receive the Learning Impact Platinum Award from the IMS Global Learning Consortium Learning Impact Leadership Institute. The Platinum Award is the highest honor available and the only global, expert-judged competition that recognizes breakthrough implementations of education technology.

"A world-class school system demands an adaptive digital learning strategy, capable of transitioning from diagnostic to prescriptive analytics,” says Chief Information Officer Trey Davis. “Our Caliper Analytics project, the first working K-12 pilot globally, represents a crucial step in our District's analytics maturity."

“The Caliper and Classroom Analytics Project” was led by Executive Director of Infrastructure Services Dwayne Alton, Assistant Director Dr. Jim Short, Senior Software Engineer Jonathon Houser, Instructional Tech Specialist Karen Babor and Rob Stratton of Safari Montage to leverage real-time data captured from the District’s digital learning ecosystem to keep teachers informed of student performance and engagement. Caliper Analytics is a framework for standardizing the collection of learning activity data from multiple systems and the dissemination of learning analytics.

“We first tackled the question of what data do we want and from what system,” says Executive Director of Infrastructure Services Dwayne Alton. “The next was to come up with how we were going to transport that data to one place.”

Teachers use the digital learning analytics to hold their students accountable and track their progress while allowing them to work independently and at their own pace. Teachers can see their students’ progress in real time, and quickly intervene and assign remedial work or raise the bar and challenge students as needed.

“I know what my students are doing based on looking at the real time information coming into me from the classroom analytics,” says Gulf Elementary 5th grade teacher Rachelle Resendes. “Not only have I seen an improvement behavior-wise, but also with the quality of work, because they’re not able to skip ahead and miss an important piece of an assignment that they need to be successful.”

Thirty-two finalists were chosen for award consideration by IMS Global Learning Consortium. Winning projects demonstrated progress making a measurable impact on personalized learning, institutional performance, and the digital learning ecosystem. The School District of Lee County, one of only six K-12 finalists, has championed the need for interoperability among instructional technology vendors since inception of the Caliper standard and hosted the Interoperability Summit two years ago for 30 districts.

"Our District's Learning Impact Platinum Award demonstrates our leadership and commitment to empowering students and teachers with actionable insight from real-time instructional data and analytics,” Davis added.