School Board Attorney and General Counsel

School Board Attorney and General Counsel

Kathy Dupuy-Bruno, Esq.
School Board Attorney and General Counsel for the Lee County School Board

Johanna Tortosa-Earsley
Executive Assistant to the School Board Attorney and General Counsel

Main Number: 239-337-8512
Fax: 239-337-8683

The School Board Attorney provides legal advice and counsel to the Lee County School Board. The Board Attorney serves as the lead counsel on all matters involving the School Board. Specifically, the Board Attorney:

  • Coordinates legal representation for the School Board including all litigation matters involving civil matters, federal and state issues, and constitutional issues.
  • Prepares and renders legal opinions and gives advice to the Board.
  • Serves as Parliamentarian at School Board meetings.
  • Coordinates School Board and District Administration in service training on legal matters which pertain to the overall administration of the school system.
  • Assumes responsibility for drafting and/or reviewing School Board policies and resolutions.
  • Keeps the School Board informed of changes in statutes and relative court decisions.
  • Prepares or approves as to form all contracts entered into on behalf of the School Board and/or District as presented by a Staff Attorney.
  • Request opinions from the Attorney General as necessary.
  • Corresponds with the Department of Education on behalf of the Board.
  • Represents the Board in all matters regarding Charter Schools.
  • Serves as a School Board advocate to support the legislative platform, Board goals, initiatives, and other matters determined by the Board.
  • Undertakes proactive action to protect the School Board from exposure to litigation and other risk.
  • Acts as legal advisor to the School Board at quasi-judicial hearings.
  • Maintains final responsibility and control for all matters under the auspices of the School Board.