December 2020 - Mary Fischer

December 2020 - Mary Fischer
Posted on 12/01/2020
Headshot of Mary Fischer

The year 2020 has been one of change, challenges, learning experiences and discoveries for us all, and the School District of Lee County is no exception. It has been a privilege to serve as Board Chair for the past 12 months. As I pass the gavel to Debbie Jordan, I reflect on the unique activities we have shared during this time, and I am reminded of the many ways that each of you contributes every day to the education we provide to our students.

As we prepare for 2021, we revisit our accomplishments and look forward to new opportunities. We will focus on our Envision 2030 Strategic Plan to be Personal, Passionate and Progressive. We will continue to make Student Success a priority by working to increase family and community engagement, while preparing for workforce success as part of our continuous improvement.

We have seen thoughtful collaborative work in the development of the curriculum, student services and operations as we respond to the COVID pandemic. We note the growing efforts of the Superintendent and all departmental staff to advance not only themselves, but also their colleagues. Community partnerships have been developed and nurtured and are at an all-time high. Our employees have gone above and beyond to adapt and adjust in order to continue to provide a world-class education to our children.

School Safety continues to be a focus in the District. We have increased security measures at all Lee County Schools, including teacher training, one point of entry, and video camera systems. We have targeted efforts to recognize threats and troubled behavior. Our on-campus School Resource Officers representing all local law enforcement agencies are just a sample of the work.

On behalf of the School Board, I resolve that we will maintain a steady focus on the District’s Mission and Vision, and the Strategic Plan, and do what is best for kids and this community. Long range planning, building schools and innovative curriculum promises to have positive impact on the community.

Finally, as the new year approaches, people are making resolutions or setting goals having to do with health and wellness. In our Lee County Schools, our employee wellness program has grown. We have running teams, nutrition and weight loss programs, and other challenges which have resulted in better health. 

We continue to advocate for Comprehensive Health Education as a Legislative Priority. Schools play a critical role in promoting the health and safety of young people and helping them establish lifelong healthy behaviors. Research indicates that school health programs have a positive effect on academic performance. Health Education addresses the physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions of health by removing barriers to learning and will ultimately meet community needs by providing healthy, well prepared members to the workforce – since, in fact, education is the economic driver for the community. As we do important work promoting health and wellness, we invite all interested stakeholders to join us as we move forward.

 Finally, I wish you all health, happiness and peace this holiday season and throughout the coming year. Refresh your mind, rest your body, and renew your spirit. Experience love, laughter and kindness with family and friends. Stay safe!

 Respectfully submitted, 

 Mary Fischer
School Board Member, District 1