Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee Application

The Board will appoint fifteen members to the Committee. The School Board Chair shall select three members and each of the other six School Board Members shall select two members to be appointed by the Board. Each Board Member will make reasonable efforts to ensure that at least one of his/her appointees resides in that Member’s residence area and at least one is a minority. The Superintendent shall assign no more than three appropriate District staff as liaisons. The mission of the committee shall be to monitor the District’s maintenance of a unitary school system and adherence to School Board Policies concerning equity and diversity. (A unitary school system has eliminated the effects of segregation. When a school district is deemed as unitary, the courts no longer supervise the district’s student assignment system.) The committee shall review and provide input concerning revisions to the student assignment plan and any proposal to acquire a school site, construct or abandon a school facility.

To apply for this committee, please complete the form below and click the Submit button at the end of the application.
Please be advised that the information you provide on your application, once submitted, is public record under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, the Public Records Act, commonly known as the Sunshine Law. If you are aware of an exemption to the Public Records Act that requires your information to be maintained as private please provide that basis in writing to the District. Please contact the School Board Office at 337-8303 or send an email to Mary Reider at MaryER@LeeSchools.net

Please note that all advisory committee meetings will be videotaped and uploaded to the District's YouTube channel.

School Board advisory committees shall consist of qualified members from the community whose purpose shall be to provide input, advice and support to the School Board on topics identified by the School Board as specific to each committee. Board members will make every effort to ensure that applicants have skills and knowledge related to the advisory committee to which they are appointed.

Equity and Diversity Advisory Committee Application

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Please note: If you have any type of business relationship with the Lee County School Board, you must abstain from voting on any matter of committee business that may personally benefit you, your employer, or the entity with which you have a contractual relationship. You will be required to sign a statement agreeing to these terms if you are appointed to this committee.