District Services

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We are a visionary school system pursuing educational excellence, making a positive impact in our world every day. We take a progressive approach to making advancements in everything from diversity and freedom of expression to technology and safety.

Adult ESOL Classes

Assist adults in the acquisition of the English language.

More Information about Adult ESOL Classes

Advertising with the District

Naming rights for stadiums, gymnasiums and theaters and/or advertise on the District website

More Information about Advertising with the District

Doing Business with the District

Inviting businesses to become vendors and participate in the District's purchasing process.

More Information about Doing Business with the District

Facility Rentals

Request to rent District facilities for your companies next big event.

More Information about Facility Rentals

GED Testing

Provides an opportunity to earn your State of Florida high school diploma.

More Information about GED Testing

Lifelong Learning Classes

Adult classes in multiple topics to continue learning or learn a new skill.

More Information about Lifelong Learning Classes

Lightning Alert Status (WeatherBug®)

Find out if lightning has struck and the time before it is clear.

More Information about Lightning Alert Status (WeatherBug®)

Emergency Notification System

Enables the District and schools to send emergency broadcasts, attendance alerts and event reminders to families.

More Information about Emergency Notification System

Student Records (Transcripts)

Inactive cumulative records of students who have graduated, transferred, or left the district

More Information about Student Records (Transcripts)