COVID-19 Board Meeting Protocols

COVID-19 Board Meeting Protocols

Social distancing is required in the Board Room and overflow rooms.
Masks are strongly encouraged.

If you wish to speak at a school board action meeting regarding agenda items or any matter relevant to the operation of the School District of Lee County you must...

To better protect our staff and visitors the School District of Lee County is restricting guests from bringing certain items into the District Office and Board Room. Guests entering and items they are carrying are subject to search as is our current practice in our stadiums. Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  1. Bookbags, backpacks, cinch bags, duffel bags, or purses/bags larger than 4 x 6 or smaller. Permitted bags may be searched prior to entry.
  2. Any type of weapon - guns, knives etc.
  3. Any item that could be used as a missile.
  4. Cans / Bottles / Outside Food or drink.

Doors open 20 minutes before the meeting.

Persons exhibiting signs of intoxication will be denied entry.

Public Comment

If you wish to speak, please complete the specified public comment card located in the hallway. Give the public comment card to the staff in the hallway, BEFORE THE START of the meeting. The Public Comment card is a public record identifying those who speak and providing contact information to staff for follow-up.

Rules for Speaking:

  • Board Policy 1.11 governs public speaking per the law which allows the School Board to control time, place and manner for public speaking. Speakers will be called in order of receipt of the public comment cards.

  • At a Regular or Special Meeting speakers addressing agenda items or any other matter relevant to the operation of the School District will make comment at the beginning of the meeting.

  • Each speaker will be allowed three (3) minutes speaking time unless the number of speakers is greater than 20, in which case each speaker will be allowed up to two (2) minutes of speaking time. If the number of speakers is greater than 30, speakers will be allowed one (1) minute. The total amount of time allotted for public comment is 1 hour and no more than 60 individuals may be allowed to speak. Speakers will line up in the back of room as directed by the Parliamentarian.

  • Please state your name for the record before you begin your speech.

  • As each speaker nears the end of the allotted speaking time, the Parliamentarian will instruct the speaker to conclude.

  • Please conclude speaking at the end of the time period allotted. Failure to stop speaking may result in the speaker being required to leave the meeting.

  • No Speakers may yield their time to other people. You will lose your speaking time if you do so.

Speakers and the public attending the meeting are expected to act in a respectful manner. Decorum is expected in the Board Room. Hissing, booing, clapping, shouting, cursing, or disrespectful comments to School Board members, school administrators or other individuals shall not be tolerated; nor shall the School Board tolerate other behavior which the Chairperson (or designee) or Parliamentarian considers disruptive or improper.

Applause is acceptable only when an award is presented, a staff promotion or retirement is recognized, or a student is recognized.

Presenters shall confine their remarks to educationally relevant issues. Attacks on individuals and abusive comments shall not be allowed. Speakers who fail to follow this rule shall be ruled “out of order” by the Parliamentarian or Chairperson. Any speaker continuing with such remarks shall be required to relinquish the microphone.

If an individual continues to violate these rules at School Board meeting, the Chairperson or designee may issue a warning that continued violation will result in removal from the meeting. If the individual continues to violate rules after being warned, the Chairperson or designee may order the individual removed from the meeting.

Speakers may not use placards or signs. Materials may not be passed out unless previously approved by the Superintendent.

It is unlawful and a second-degree misdemeanor to knowingly disrupt or interfere with a School Board meeting.

  1.  Speakers may ask questions during their comments, but will not engage in dialogue with Board Members. Board Members will not respond to speaker comments.

  2. Speakers may also address non-agenda issues of educational relevance during public comment. If a speaker is advocating a certain action be taken by the Board which requires the expenditure of funds, the speaker shall reveal any financial interest in the Board taking such action. If the speaker is an employee, owner, or has a financial interest in or is related to an individual who is an employee, owner or has a financial interest in an entity which provides the product or service being advocated, the speaker must reveal such interest.

  3. There is no standing allowed during Board Meetings. The public is required to sit unless they are in the public comment queue. There is no sitting or standing behind the regular seats in the Board Room. Training room D is solely for the public comment queue.

  4. Training rooms A and B are the only rooms allowed for overflow. Once the overflow rooms have reached capacity, we cannot accommodate additional members of the general public. The public may watch the live stream of the meeting on television or YouTube. An email to may be sent with an individual’s comments. The comments will not be read at the Board meeting, but it will be shared with the Board.

  5. The first two rows in the chambers are reserved for students and staff being recognized, special guests or presenters. The first two rows of seating in the chambers shall not be used by the general public.

  6. The Board may recess for 5 minutes to regain decorum in the chambers. Each time a recess is called to regain decorum, 5 minutes will be added to the total time.

  7. The general public shall not engage with members of the dais before, during recesses, or after Board meetings. You may request an appointment or send an email to an individual Board Member.

  8. If multiple members of a group wish to address the School Board on the same issue, the School Board may request the group to select one or more representatives to present comment to the Board on behalf of all members concerning the relevant issue for a period of time determined by the chair, based on the number of individuals represented, to a maximum of five (5) minutes per group.

If you wish to speak at a school board briefing...

All Rules are the same for speaking at a Board Briefing, except you can only speak on agenda items.

There is no public comment permitted at School Board Workshops.