Facility Rentals

Facility Rentals

The School District of Lee County’s school facility rental is completed through an online facility rental request system designed to provide a positive user experience. All new reservation requests for any Lee County school facility can be submitted easily and will be handled more efficiently. You will be able to access photos, descriptions, view real-time availability, receive estimated quotes, and pay online. Follow the link below to make your next reservation.

Although the process of requesting/approval/management of school facility use is now fully digital, what's implemented with Facilitron, remains the same as dictated by the District's School Board Policies for facility use. Lee County School District's administrative staff (non-school administrators) will make final decisions on all facility use requests and fee rates.

All rental requests for the Lee County School District's Central Administration building located at 2855 Colonial Blvd., must contact Madeline Giovanniello at 239-337-8147 to verify availability.

Covid-19 Facility Rental Update (as of March 25, 2021)


The District is allowing outdoor rentals to be requested and approved based on availability and adhering to District Covid-19 requirements which are subject to additional fees. You may find the COVID-19 Requirements are as followed:

The following additional guidelines and protocols are the responsibility of the renter shall be effective for all groups using School District of Lee County (“District”) outdoor facilities. This is in addition to all existing “District” policies, guidelines and general terms and conditions.

  • All individuals attending the renter's function must have their temperature checked before entering any District field area.
    • Those individuals with a temperature above 100.4 degrees or displaying symptoms of COVID-19 shall not be permitted at the facility.
  • All individuals attending the renter's function must sign in upon entering the site and provide their full name, address, phone number and email address.
  • The renter's gathering shall not exceed 50% of the capacity of the space being leased.
  • The use of facial coverings is strongly recommended.
  • Renter will provide 60% or greater alcohol-based hand sanitizer to all attendees.
  • No less than 7 days prior to the event, a social distancing plan that meets or exceeds CDC guidelines shall be uploaded by the renter into the renter’s account on the “District’s” facility rental website at www.facilitron.com. CDC Guidelines
  • If restroom facilities are required, renter will identify the need on their online rental request. There will be an additional COVID-19 Cleaning upcharge when requesting restrooms as outlined in the Facilitron reservation system.

The re-opening of “District” schools will be at the discretion of the “District” Administration.

Approval of all reservations shall be in the sole discretion of “District” Administration and is subject to the availability of custodial staff to manage the opening and closing of the facility. Please note that facility usage may be cancelled/suspended at any time in the sole discretion of the "District”.


The District is not allowing any indoor rentals at this time through June 18, 2021.

Facilitron will provide assistance with creating organization and user accounts along with the verification of non-profit status (if applicable). Facilitron will also collect payment and proof of insurance (certificate of insurance) on the District's behalf. Payments can be submitted conveniently on Facilitron with options including major credit cards, checks, ACH/eCheck, and Paypal. Proof of insurance (certificate of insurance) can also be conveniently uploaded into the system.

If you need any assistance setting up an account and/or placing a facility use request, you can contact Facilitron directly at: support@facilitron.comor by calling them at: 800-272-2962 Ext 701.



The purpose of this procedure is to establish the rules, conditions, and fees under which The Lee County School District facilities including grounds may be used in accordance with School Board Policy 9.05.

Prohibited Uses

  1. District facilities shall not be used for any use inconsistent with Board policy, administrative procedures, and State or Federal law.
  2. District facilities shall not be used for any activity which would damage school facilities or grounds beyond normal wear and tear or for any activity which would interfere with District activities or operations.

Schedule of Fees

The Superintendent shall develop and approve a schedule of fees for the use of District facilities. The Superintendent may adopt changes to the schedule of fees as appropriate. The schedule of fees shall consider costs associated with the use of District facilities such as, custodial services, energy consumption, Covid-19 cleaning, maintenance, and repair (particularly of athletic facilities).

Scheduling and Priority of Use

  • Facilities may be scheduled no less than two (2) weeks and no more than one (1) year in advance. All scheduling must be coordinated with the school or facility being rented.
  • See School Board Policy 9.05 for further details.