Middle and High Choice Application Directions

Middle and High Choice Application 2023 Directions

Open Enrollment for Middle and High school runs from January 17, 2023 to March 3, 2023.

Note: If you are NOT a 5th grader rising to 6th or an 8th grader rising to 9th and want to stay at your current school, you DO NOT need to complete the choice application. Elementary Open Enrollment is NOT available at this time.

  1. Log into the Focus Parent Portal or create a Focus Parent Portal account

  1. Choose the student on the left and then choose Choice Application 2023.

     If you do not have a student linked to your Focus Parent Portal, you will need to link a student to see the Choice Application 2023 link. For more information visit our Focus page and view "Linking a Student to Focus Parent Portal Account"
Choice Header
  1. The top section contains specific information related to the student. The zone and SDM are particularly important as together they determine which schools are zoned and which programs are available for the student’s residential address.

    The bottom section will show Choose Programs. Please review the information and then rank the schools in the order of preference.

Open Enrollment
  1. Once you have ranked each school, SAVE or SAVE & PRINT your selections.

Save selection

  1. Once you have saved your selections, a message should appear. Click OK.

Save Selection

You have now successfully saved and submitted your choice selections!

Any time during Open Enrollment you can log back in and change these choices if needed. Once Open Enrollment concludes, these are the choices that the lottery will use to process your choice application. You will receive a confirmation email after submitting the Choice Application.