Guidelines for Community Agencies

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Guidelines for Community Agencies 

Thank you for your interest in the Community Flyer program offered by the School District of Lee County.

The Communications Department handles the approval process for flyer distribution to our students and staff. Please allow five (5) business days for review and processing of your request. Submitted flyers which are incomplete, need additional approval or are denied for resubmission may take up to seven (7) days to process. Please read these guidelines carefully, and refer to School Board Policy 2.24 for additional information.

The School District of Lee County reserves the right to deny requests to distribute information if determined to be inappropriate or inconsistent with the educational objectives of the district, or with the guidelines set for in district policy.

Distribution is prohibited for such materials:

  • that are obscene;
  • that promote products or services which minors may not legally purchase or use;
  • that contain libelous material;
  • that are proselytizing;
  • which would tend to create a substantial disruption in the school environment;
  • that promotes tobacco products.

In addition, sponsorship, gifts, grants and tobacco prevention materials provided by tobacco companies or their subsidiaries are prohibited.

Handouts advertising a for-profit product or service shall not be approved with the following exceptions:

  • after-school care programs
  • those advertising a service to students on the school campus
  • business partners of the school as recognized by the principal
  • items used as incentive to reward students

The District may refuse to distribute eflyers that advertise activities that would compete with school activities.

The School District of Lee County allows for electronic distribution/posting of flyers on behalf of organizations as a courtesy to the community.

Peachjar eflyer (Electronic Flyer) Distribution

Peachjar is an electronic flyer (eflyer) management system that charges a fee for use. Typically organizations will find it to be much less than the cost to copy and deliver paper flyers to each school.

More information on how peachjar works.

For information on fee structures, and credit incentives call 1-858-997-2117 ext. 124 or email Kristen Talley, Account Executive at for details.

Signing Up for peachjar eflyer distribution:

  1. Register for an account on
  2. Contact Kristen Talley or at 1-858-997-2117 ext. 124 for pricing information
  3. Upload eflyer for District review via (only PDF format will be accepted)
  4. Once eflyer is uploaded, it will appear at the District office for review
  5. If approved, your eflyer will generate via peachjar to schools chosen.

The School District of Lee County will only authorize flyers that contain the following information:

All flyers to be distributed must:

  • bear the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity;
  • be in PDF format, smaller than 6 MB, and contain font sizes not less than size 12;
  • be submitted in both English and Spanish;
  • include the name, Date, Location (include address) of activity or event

A disclaimer in bold type will be pre-populated onto your flyer stating:

“The school is neither endorsing nor sponsoring this event, product or service nor endorsing the views of the sponsoring organization.”

Your flyer must contain the bulleted information listed above or it will be sent back and denied via the peachjar system.

In addition, all flyers where a Lee County public school is the location of the event need proof of approval with a copy and or email from the school stating you have a facilities usage agreement that is active.

Finally, discounts for Teachers/School Employees are not eligible for peachjar or delivery to school sites, please email: for review of your information to share “internally”.

Posting and Distributing Peachjar allows you the choice of posting only or both posting and distributing.

  1. Posting: (if approved) eflyer is posted to selected school(s) & district webpages.
  2. Distributing: (if approved) once eflyer is posted to selected schools it will also begin distributing directly to staff and family emails.

Reminder: All applicants understand that when using peachjar, The School District of Lee County will not be held liable for any discrepancies, monetary obligation if not approved and errors due to technical services using the peachjar eflyer system.