School Board Approves Envision 2030 Strategic Plan

School Board Approves Envision 2030 Strategic Plan
Posted on 10/11/2018
School Board Approves Envision 2030 Strategic Plan

The Lee County School Board gave its approval Wednesday to a new strategic plan to guide the School District of Lee County into the next decade. Envision 2030 builds off the improvements of Vision 2020 and adds new elements for further success.

“Vision 2020 led the District to some historic levels,” says Superintendent Dr. Greg Adkins. “We reached our highest high school graduation rate ever in 2017 and believe 2018 could be better. We also went from 23 schools in state reviewed differentiated accountability to just one. Envision 2030 will lead us to even higher levels of achievement.”

Envision 2030 defines the District’s priority as Student Success, with the strategic objective of meeting the academic and social needs of each student. This aligns with the District’s mission to ensure each student achieves his/her highest personal potential. Success is measured by mastery of core subject matter, development of social-emotional and foundational skills, and sustainability.

The plan also details key strategic initiatives, broken down into priorities for 2018-2020, 2021 through 2025, and 2026 through 2030. These strategies include ones that will transform instruction to meet the individual needs of each student, as well as strategies aimed at improving the effective and efficient operation of the District as a whole. Implementation is expected to make the District a more collaborative and cohesive organization.

The final piece of the plan defines 24 three-year goals, 11 of which are specific to academics. These include increasing the percentage of Pre-Kindergarten students identified as prepared for Kindergarten, increasing proficiency in key subjects, further improving the graduation rate, having more students take accelerated course work, reducing the achievement gap, and decreasing out-of-school suspensions.

Other three-year goals include improving the safety of students and staff, reducing transportation expenses, maintaining construction costs at or below the median state cost, decreasing instructor turnover, increasing teacher retention, and raising the level of customer satisfaction. All goals will be reviewed and refined annually, with additional targets added each year so the plan maintains three-year goals.

“I am extremely proud of our students, the dedication of our teachers, and the commitment of our administrative staff,” says Superintendent Adkins. “I can’t wait to see how Envision 2030 helps us be a more personal, passionate, and progressive district that fulfills its vision of being a world-class school system.”