Skyline Elementary to be National Host for 4th Annual World Wide “Rock Your School” Event

Skyline Elementary to Host “Rock Your School” Event
Posted on 10/18/2021
Skyline Elementary to be National Host for 4th Annual World Wide “Rock Your School” Event

The School District of Lee County is excited to announce that Skyline Elementary has been chosen as the national host school for the 4th annual “Rock Your School” event on Thursday, October 21st. “Rock Your School” is a worldwide effort to increase student engagement by creating an outside-the-box educational experience designed to bring learning to life in the classroom.

"We are delighted to host the ‘Rock Your School’ event at Skyline Elementary,” says principal Laura Trombetti. “We love that our school will be a national focus of the wonderful teaching and learning that is taking place here and across the School District of Lee County. It is going to be a fantastic day for students and staff to engage in a school wide transformation for an exciting and fun-filled day of learning. Learning can be rigorous but it can also be lots of fun!”

Get Your Teach On, an educational movement providing the K-8 teaching community professional development, sponsors “Rock Your School.” Best-selling authors and highly acclaimed educators, Hope and Wade King, will lead a morning pep rally for all Skyline students and staff to get them excited for a day of learning. Afterwards students will find their classrooms transformed in ways to encourage them to try something new in their curriculum or challenge themselves in different ways. At the end of the day, Get Your Teach On will lead a special professional development seminar just for the teachers at Skyline.

“Our mission is to engage as many teachers as possible, who in turn will engage and inspire literally millions of students,” says Get Your Teach On Co-Founder Hope King. “It all starts with us. If educators feel inspired, we can be the difference in a child’s life. We can help instill the joy of life-long learning in our students.”

Educators from more than 1,000 schools in all fifty states and several foreign countries will be participating in “Rock Your School.”