Reopening Schools Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Will the start of school be delayed due to the spiking numbers, especially since you just cancelled in person graduations which were set to take place just a couple of weeks before the start of school?

    • The School District of Lee County (SDLC) plans to reopen schools with the full array of services for the benefit of our students and families on August 31st (DOE ORDER NO. 2020-E0-06). The start date for schools remains subject to the advice and orders from the Florida Department of Health.

  2. If we sign up for Lee Home Connect or Lee Virtual School for the semester, will students still keep their assigned space at their originally assigned school?

    • Yes. Students selecting a virtual learning model (Lee Home Connect, Lee Virtual School) will remain registered at their assigned school per the office of student enrollment. Assignments at schools will remain in effect for the 2020-21 school year.

  3. Will masks be required for students?

    • Students are required to wear masks throughout the school day. This includes class transitions and in large spaces like cafeterias and gymnasiums. Students using SDLC transportation are also required to wear masks.

    • Masks will be available upon request both on the bus and in one central location in the building.

  4. Will teachers and staff be wearing masks?

    • Cloth/disposable masks and/or clear face shields are required for students and staff in the classroom.

  5. Will temperature checks be required to enter school?

  6. Will there be P.E.?

    • Yes. Physical Education will operate at both the elementary and secondary levels. PE cohorts will be established and the cohort will remain with the cohort supervisor for the remainder of the course. Precautions such as wearing masks, social distancing, using hand sanitizer before and after, limiting the sharing of supplies/equipment, and discontinuing the use of PE lockers for the 2020-2021 school year will be taken to mitigate risk

  7. Will there be recess?

    • Yes. Classes will go to recess with the same cohort of students and with the homeroom teacher. Classes of students may not mix with other classrooms of students. Recess equipment is sanitized every day and not shared with other classrooms. Teachers will wear gloves and dispense hand sanitizer before and after recess.

  8. Will students be able to use the cafeteria?

    • Yes. Schools will develop a cohort plan for social distancing, to the extent possible, in cafeteria and/or classrooms.

  9. Will there be electives?

    • Yes. PreK-5 elective teachers will rotate to the classrooms with the exception of Physical Education and recess. Secondary schools will move students to electives by teams or grade level and social distance to the best of their ability.

  10. Will a notification be sent if someone in the school tests positive for COVID-19?

    • Strategic notifications will be sent home if a contact analysis (completed by administrators, Health Services, local health department) determines that a person with COVID-19 was in close contact with students/employees.

  11. How will social distancing be monitored at bus stops?

    • It is the responsibility of the SDLC and parents to best educate students about the importance of social distancing. Social distancing (“physical distancing”) means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home.

  12. How will social distancing on the buses work/be enforced?

    • Transportation services will follow guidelines to safely transport students. The standard capacity option is to provide transportation services with limited distancing between students but instead an emphasis on face-covers/masks and other protective measures.

  13. If a positive case is confirmed at a school, will the school be shut down for 2 weeks? How are parents and students, as well as teachers, supposed to handle classes in that case?

    • School closures and strategic notifications will be determined by the SDLC and local health officials. Schools are required to adhere to the guidelines listed in the SDLC reopening schools toolkit for allowing a student or staff member to return to school.

  14. Will Before/After care be available at schools like it was before?

    • Yes. The SDLC reopening toolkit guidelines and recommendations, including social distancing, will be followed for before and after-school care.

  15. Will clubs and activities be available like they were before?

    • Yes. The SDLC reopening toolkit guidelines and recommendations, including social distancing, will be followed for clubs and activities.

  16. Will high school fall sports be available?

    • Summer workouts for fall sports are underway and will continue until August 24th when official practices are projected to start. Game schedules and whether or not spectators will be allowed at games are still to be determined. FHSAA guidance will followed.

  17. Will middle school fall sports be available?

    • Middle School sports are indefinitely postponed.

  18. Can I participate in high school sports if I choose Lee Home Connect or Lee Virtual School?

    • Yes. Students in Lee Home Connect can participate in athletics at the school they are connected to. Lee Virtual School students will be assigned to a home school through student enrollment where they can participate. In both instances, transportation must be provided to and from the school for practices, games and events.

  19. How are ESE students with an IEP handled at Lee Virtual School?

    • Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students each have a written Individual Education Plan (IEP) that documents goals, accommodations and strategies used to create an accommodation learning environment that is least restrictive to a student in order to create a method for the student to achieve. LVS teachers of both full time and part time students are aware of student's unique needs and accommodations set forth in their IEP. ESE Students applying for full time enrollment with LVS are essentially changing the delivery method of their instruction. As a result, an IEP review has to be conducted before a student can be permanently enrolled with LVS. It is important to note, that through this process, it may be determined that virtual instruction is NOT the best fit for a student with certain special needs. LVS is a “school of choice” and therefore does not offer all of the services that may be available at other schools. LVS complies with all district, state and federal laws regarding ESE and IDEA.

    • Visit Lee Virtual School website for more FAQ’s

  20. How do I confirm my instructional model selection?

    • Your selection can be confirmed in your student’s FOCUS account.

      • Log into FOCUS
      • Select child’s name(s)
      • Select “child information”
      • Select “COVID-19”
      • Under COVID-19, you can view selected instructional model F = Face to Face C = Lee Home Connect V = Lee Virtual School H = Home School
    • FOCUS can take 24 hours to update, so selection information may not be immediately available.

    • Set up a FOCUS account

How to view your child's instructional model in FOCUS