Student Medication / Medical Equipment Pick-up

Student Medication / Medical Equipment Pick-up
Posted on 03/20/2020
Student Medication / Medical Equipment Pick-up

To obtain medication and/or medical equipment that belongs to your student and is currently at your child’s school you must do the following:

  • Call your student’s school during normal school-day hours (starting Monday, 3/23/20)
  • Explain to staff you need to schedule a date & time to meet with the School Nurse to pick up your student’s medication/medical equipment
  • When you arrive at the school at your scheduled time the School Nurse will meet you in front of the school and bring the items to your car
  • You will need your identification such as a driver’s license (so staff can identify you as the approved person for medication pick-up)

*Please note that many insurance companies and pharmacies are allowing patients to receive emergency refills. Please check with your insurance company and medical provider to determine if you can take advantage of this provision.