Board Meetings

The School District of Lee County is streamlining its School Board governance to increase efficiency. Starting with the 2018-2019 School year (July 31, 2018 Board meeting) the District will use a board management solution called BoardDocs. With BoardDocs, School District operations and Board meetings will operate more effectively, with more transparency and more open communication.

BoardDocs is a cloud based, paperless agenda system that comes with specially designed features to manage meetings and policy and increase workflow. Board Members will have access to the agenda on their computer at the dais, all supporting materials, and be able to vote with the click of a mouse. The Metasearch tool also gives Board Members access to the best practices of other school districts.

For the public, the BoardDocs platform provides convenient access to upcoming meeting agendas, topic information, minutes, and video. BoardDocs provides a full review of the agenda before a meeting. During a meeting, the agenda will be displayed in the Board Room with real-time updates and an interactive structure that will record board member votes. After a meeting, each item will display what action the board took and the voting results. All documents are automatically archived and can be searched by date or keywords.

As BoardDocs is fully implemented, it will eventually maintain and archive School Board Policies, track items related to the District’s strategic goals and record District Advisory Committee meeting agenda and minutes in a consistent form.