East Zone Magnet Schools

Families residing in the East residential choice zone can choose from three exciting magnet schools in the East Zone. Each magnet school implements enhanced academics and arts enrichment for every student. Families are highly encouraged to engage in school and student activities to boost student interest and learning. The process to apply is the same as the other East Zone schools. Please read about the special programs that are offered at these magnet schools.

Harns Marsh Middle Logo, Lehigh Acres Middle Logo, and Oak Hammock Middle Logo - Lee County Magnet Schools

Harns Marsh Middle School, A Magnet Academy for the Arts and Academics, pairs the arts with the internationally recognized Cambridge program. Harns Marsh partnered with a nearby high school in the spring to perform a musical for local elementary students and families in the community. This was a great way for future students to see the talents of Harns Marsh on stage. Harns Marsh has added keyboarding and a full orchestra this year to their school programming. Afterschool enrichment is provided in chorus, dance, band, and orchestra so every student has multiple opportunities to engage in the arts. Students are considered scholars at Harns Marsh as they maneuver their way through the Cambridge curriculum.

Lehigh Acres Middle School, a Premier STEAM Magnet School, blends science, technology, engineering and mathematics with the arts and delivers STEAM courses to its students. Over the summer Lehigh Acres hosts a STEAM camp for incoming sixth grade students. Students, teachers, and parents have shared many positive comments about the engaging STEAM camp. Lehigh Acres added FUSE Studio this year. FUSE uses a studio environment to ignite STEAM exploration by using innovative challenges. FUSE challenges are designed around student interests in music, design, and pop culture and are embedded with STEAM practices. Its collaborative, student-centered community makes learning fun! Popular challenges include designing a solar car, printing 3D jewelry, building a dream home and more. Lehigh Acres teachers utilize Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to enhance learning through virtual museum tours or virtual field trips to various locations around the globe.

Oak Hammock Middle School, a Magnet School for the Arts, supports students in schoolwide arts integration and is enhancing rigor through pure arts amalgamation. Oak Hammock has partnered with a non-profit art gallery and the City of Fort Myers to feature student work at the city’s Art Walk that occurs once a month. Oak Hammock students have a designated place in the art gallery where their work is featured regularly. Student collaborative artwork will be sold and proceeds will go back to support the Arts at Oak Hammock. Students from Oak Hammock also participate in a similar monthly event, Music Walk, to showcase their musical talents. Oak Hammock offers unique courses where fine and performing arts are combined in music production and video production. Oak Hammock Middle reserves 25 seats for arts auditions. These auditions are usually held in February and students who receive one of 25 seats are automatically accepted to Oak Hammock Middle prior to the end of the regular enrollment period.