Sales of Old Computers to Benefit Teacher Salaries

Sales of Old Computers to Benefit Teacher Salaries
Posted on 08/01/2019
Sales of Old Computers to Benefit Teacher Salaries

The School District of Lee County just raised more than $782,000 for teacher and support personnel salaries through the sale and recycling of outdated technology. A 20-member team spent the month of June preparing student Chromebook’s and other computers for their safe disposal.

“Secure disposal is one part of a responsible IT asset management program,” says team leader and Director of Information Security Assurance Dr. Jim Short. “With an eye on Information Security Assurance we have established processes to prepare, transport and destroy data from all assets disposed of in house and with our partners. The Infrastructure Services department reviews our processes and our list of partners annually to ensure the best return on investment possible.”

Many of the District’s retired IT assets are sold to the public through a governmentally focused auction site called GovDeals. Others are sold directly to R2 certified recyclers that dispose of obsolete technology in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

The team finished their work this summer in a record amount of time and raised a record amount of money. In four years, Information Services has collected $1.84 million selling old technology. The money is entirely designated for the Teachers Association of Lee County (TALC) and the Support Personnel Association of Lee County (SPALC) compensation.

In addition, the District hired 19 student interns to help with the processing. Three have since taken full time jobs with the District in various technology roles. 16 interns have been hired into full-time employment over the last four years, saving the District time and money recruiting for those positions.

“This program represents the progressive nature of our School District,” says Chief Information Officer Trey Davis. “Our teachers, staff and students all benefit from this kind of innovative thinking. I am extremely proud of what they have been able to accomplish.”