Lehigh Senior High SAVE Promise Club Making a Difference

Lehigh Senior High SAVE Promise Club Making a Difference
Posted on 05/16/2024
Lehigh Senior High SAVE Promise Club Making a Difference

Students across Lee County are taking the lead to make their schools safe by joining a Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Promise Club. SAVE Promise Clubs educate and empower students to prevent violence in their schools, homes and communities.

“I wanted to get involved with the Sandy Hook Promise Club the moment I heard about it,” said Lehigh Senior High School SAVE Promise Club member Alyssa Salmon. “Youth against violence is something I will always promote and stand for. We can be the ones to save lives and save that girl or boy's parents from heartbreak.”

Alyssa and her fellow members of the Lehigh Senior High School SAVE Club were recently honored to attend the National Save Promise Club Youth Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. They club earned a $1,000 scholarship to make the trip possible. The conference featured club members from around the country sharing their stories of bullying, self-harm, suicide ideation and how SAVE club programs helped them get through their hard times.

“The SAVE Promise Summit 2024 was a moving experience,” said Zoelis Vargas, Vice President of Lehigh Senior’s club. “The conference was filled with passionate talks delivered by powerful and special speakers, breakout sessions, new ideas, and new bonds. Empathy is a powerful tool for change. It motivates us to take action, stand up against injustice, and to support those in need.”

SAVE is the student led effort of Sandy Hook Promise, a national nonprofit organization founded and led by several family members whose loved ones were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. It uses the self-developed Know the Signs programs to teach students and educators to recognize the warning signs of potential violence and get help. These programs build a positive school climate where everyone looks out for one another. The group claims to have prevented 16 credible planned school shootings.

“The most important lesson for my peers to learn is the power of reaching out and helping others,” said club member Samuel Fermin. “A simple gesture of kindness or being there for someone in need can significantly impact their life and perspective. This lesson can shape how we approach our relationships with others and make us better individuals.”

The School District of Lee County formed the first SAVE Promise Clubs two years ago in middle and high schools. As the program starts its third year in August it will expand to include clubs at elementary schools. The Lehigh Senior club presented some of their activities at the National Conference about how they have influenced their campus.

“Our presentation was about teamwork with other peers and how collaboration and good communication play a significant role,” said Sophia Dominguez. “We showed the many things our school has done with the SAVE Promise Club, like doing Spirit weeks and having raffles. We even played a game that others can use when their kids need a brain break. I was changed after attending this conference because many people care about this program and want to see it succeed.”

The SAVE Promise Club Network is the largest student-led anti-violence club in the country. More than 23 million students and adults have participated in the training in more than 24,000 schools.

“We are not alone in this world,” said Lehigh Senior’s SAVE Club President Joshua Gonzalez. “We are all together, made to uplift and help each other. There is no reason to hate and lessen those around us.”

Students interested in joining a SAVE Promise Club or starting one should talk with their club sponsor or school administrators.