Do Business With Us

Becoming a Vendor

We sincerely appreciate your interest in working with The School District of Lee County. We understand that it is often difficult to get your foot in the door with a new client, especially a governmental agency that relies upon formal solicitations. Please use this guide for navigating through our procurement processes.

How We Select Vendors

We select our technology vendors using a variety of processes:

  1. Most vendors are selected through a formal solicitation process (ITN/RFP/RFI/Bid) and awarded as multi-year contracts. Those solicitations may be for a specific product or services, or for your entire catalog of offerings.
  2. Some are selected by piggy-backing existing public sector contracts.
  3. Some are selected through direct negotiation, where allowed by law.
  4. On a rare occasion we may solicit off-contract vendors if total annual expenditures with that vendor will not exceed $50,000.

Introducing Your Company, Products or Services

We receive upward of 40-50 cold calls, unsolicited email messages and meeting requests PER DAY! We generally do not respond to these forms of communication, or repeated follow-up messages. Here are some best-practices for communicating with our team.

Please Do

  1. Send a PERSONAL introduction email to introduce yourself, products, or services. Please think of this intro message as an elevator pitch, as we have limited time to review unsolicited email. One paragraph should suffice. Feel free to include links for more information.
  2. Be very clear about what type of product or service you sell.
  3. Follow the directions below, even though you have emailed us. Emailing IT staff DOES NOT add you to an approved vendor list or vendor solicitation list for future RFP/RFQ/RFI/Bid/Quote opportunities. You can only be added to these lists by our Procurement Services Department. Consider any information sent to IT Staff directly as informational only.

Please Don't

  1. Add us to your company's bulk email lists or CRM system.
  2. Attempt to communicate with us via public social networks.

Getting Your Foot in The Door

We realize this is the most difficult part for new vendors. You would like to be on our radar, but we already have contracts in place for your product or service category. How do you get to compete?

If You Are a Manufacturer:

One strategy you may use is to establish a relationship with one of the VARs and integrators already under contract with us.

If You Are a Reseller / VAR / Integrator:

  1. Apply as a vendor with our Procurement Services Department.
  2. Request to be added to our "vendor solicitation list" for future opportunities. Be clear regarding which products and services you are offering, so you can be added to the appropriate list(s). The vendor solicitation list provide a list of vendors that we will email when a solicitation is being released for the products and services you offer. Please understand that being added to a vendor solicitation list is a courtesy that we offer. Our default communication method is email, which does not guarantee delivery. We make every reasonable effort to invite you via email, but obviously can't control Internet filters and other factors that may impact delivery. Therefore, #3 (below) is extremely important.
  3. Establish a process to review our Procurement Services web site to view new solicitations weekly. Our web site is the official place to view this information, regardless of whether you are on a vendor solicitation list.