Human Resources Development

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FDLRS collaboratively plans and provides information, training, technical assistance, consultation, and resources about effective instructional strategies and models for the education of children who are exceptional and/or have unique needs.

FDLRS Human Resources Development

  • Identifies and plans for meeting individual personnel development needs within the service area.
  • Identifies and provides information about training/development, resources, and promising practices to respond to those needs.
  • Provides multi-level training designed to meet individual district training needs at the awareness, comprehensive, integration/application, and follow-up levels.
  • Collaborates and interacts to assist in the conceptualization, planning, and delivery of educational services to support the Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services* initiatives.
  • Makes information, materials, and equipment which support the attainment of state and district goals accessible and available for use by stakeholders and consumers within the service area.
  • Publishes newsletter for district educators
  • PDA-ESE videos and tutorials

Professional Development Offerings and Resources for Educators are Located Under the Professional Development Opportunities Tab