Developmental Milestones

Many problems that can affect a child’s learning can go undetected until a child reaches school age and that wastes precious time. Many children can…

By 6 Months

  • Lift head while lying on back
  • Roll from back to stomach
  • Move a toy from one hand to another
  • Be scared by loud or strange noises
  • Babble and say some sounds
  • Pick up small objects
  • Reach arms out to be pick up
  • Let you know likes or desires

By 12 Months

  • Walk alone or with assistance
  • Turn body when sitting
  • Throw small toys or other objects
  • Shake head "no"
  • Let go of something when you try to take it away
  • Say at least one word other than "mama" and "dada"
  • Cooperate while being dressed
  • Move toward you when you call

By 18 Months

  • Walk (not creep) upstairs
  • Turn book pages 2 or 3 at a time
  • Throw a toy while standing and without falling
  • Try to fill a spoon and feed self (with spills)
  • Say at least 6 understandable words
  • Point at what he/she wants
  • Imitate some of the things he/she sees you do (sweeping, dusting, etc.)
  • Play with other children (not without some arguments)

By 2-2 1/2 Years

  • Jump with both feet at the same time
  • Throw a ball overhand
  • Unbutton some buttons
  • Hold a pencil or crayon like you do
  • Use the plural for common words
  • Say first and last name when asked
  • Use the word "I" correctly most of the time
  • Drink from a regular glass or cup without assistance

By 3 Years

  • Pedal a tricycle
  • Dry hands when reminded
  • Alternate steps and feet while going upstairs
  • Dress and undress (including buttons) without too much trouble
  • Tell you things that have happened or that he/she has done
  • Know whether he/she is a boy or girl
  • Take turns while playing (usually)
  • Play fairly well with other children
  • Share toys with others (usually)

By 4 Years

  • Try to hop or skip
  • Button clothes completely
  • Alternate steps and feet while going downstairs
  • Catch a ball most of the time when thrown
  • Repeat a favorite nursery rhyme or song
  • Recognize basic colors
  • "Show off" or "tell little lies" from time to time
  • Cooperate when playing with a small group of children

By 5 Years

  • Alternate feet while skipping
  • Jump over low objects
  • Jump rope (reasonably well)
  • Use butter knife to spread
  • Print first name
  • Start to ask what words mean
  • Tie shoes (sometimes not tight enough, but knows how)
  • Help with little chores around the house
  • Compete with other children in game (usually sticks to the rules)

Most children develop skills at approximately the same age. If your child cannot perform these tasks for his/her age…DON’T BE ALARMED, BUT DO CONTACT we can assist you in finding out if your child has a special need or difficulty that may require immediate or future attention.

Lee and Collier Counties have resources available to help children who may have a delay in development.