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FDLRS provides information, training, and support to school districts and families, in order to promote effective parent participation in the education of children who are exceptional and/or have special or unique needs. FDLRS/Island Coast Parent Services department is here for you! We strive to serve the families and schools involved in the education of every child. We are available to support in a variety of ways. For information regarding Parent Services, please contact Lanna Elrod-Flynn at (239) 337-8539 or LannaJE@LeeSchools.Net to see how FDLRS/Island Coast can work for you.

FDLRS Parent Services

  • Assists schools and districts in developing family friendly programs.
  • Ensures that families have access to exceptional student education training and information.
  • Provides information to families and professionals about local resources and family support groups.
  • Promotes partnerships between schools and parents to support student achievement.


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Fridays with FDLRS Parent Webinar Series: Begins August 21, 2020

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Recorded Webinars

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ESE Parent Survey 2020


Resources for Parents of Gifted Students

Seminars and Webinars for Parents of Gifted Students