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Timeline For Adoption Cycle 2024 - 2025 - Science

Publisher's Showcase - October 1, 2024

Board Meetings

More information to follow when we begin our board process. 

District Adopted Instructional Materials

Instructional Materials Adoption Schedule

Teachers should report any concerns regarding content errors in instructional materials via email or phone call to the Academic Services Division and a staff member will communicate the information to the publisher.

Management Of Instructional Materials Currently In Use

Senate Bill 1248 includes:
“Money collected for lost or damaged books: enforcement. – The school principal shall collect from each student or the student’s parent the purchase price of any instructional material the student has lost, destroyed, or unnecessarily damaged and to report and transmit the money collected to the district school superintendent." This change allows principals to collect the entire purchase price of the instructional materials.

Instructional Materials Considered for Objection Form - Opens on March 27, 2024 until end of work day on April 25, 2024

Materials In Use Objection Form

Instructional Materials Committee Nomination - Will open on August 18, 2023 until September 1, 2023.  - Now Closed

Submit your name if you are interested in serving on the Social Studies Adoption Committees.   Each committee will consist of 1 teacher representative from each school, 1-2 student representative, 1 administrator, 1 representative from the Curriculum Advisory Committee, and 1 community representative.  If you are selected to serve on the committee, you will be notified by September 8, 2023.

Public Review Access

Elementary Social Studies

Middle School Social Studies

High School Social Studies

2022-2023 Social Studies Adoption Information

Tentative Timeline For Adoption Cycle 2022 - 2023 - Social Studies Adoption

  • June 2022 - Reach out to the publisher contacts on the short bid list

  • August 2022 - Invite publishers on the state's short bid list to a Publisher's Overview Meeting

  • September 2022 - Publisher's Showcase

  • September/October 2022 - Presentation/Deliberations

  • December 2022 -  Board Process Begins

23-23 Upcoming Courses for Adoption

The Florida Department of Education has posted the Approve State Adopted Lists for Social Studies Materials.  Lee County will begin our process in the next two months.  More information including dates will be add soon.   


2022-2023 Social Studies Instructional Materials Adoption List