Student Intern Program

LeeSchools TV's award-winning Advanced Student Internship is a broadcast journalism and visual storytelling program open to all full-time Lee County Public School high school students. Each student intern learns what it means to be a one-man-band reporter, capable of completing all aspects of producing a TV news-package from setting up contacts and storyboarding, to shooting and editing. The student-produced news-magazine show, CURRENTLee, has been recognized by the Suncoast Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for six consecutive years. Additionally, the intern program has been awarded 33 Regional Student Emmys since 2010.

Alumni of the program have furthered their studies at prestigious universities and colleges across the country including Savanah College of Art & Design, Ringling College of Art & Design, Wagner College School of Art & Film (New York), UCF Nicholson School of Communications, Florida State Media/Communications Studies, FSU Film School, USF Mass Communications, and Southeastern University Arts & Media. Alums can also be found working professionally in many television production industries from news to film.