Frequently Asked Questions

My Pre-K child would like to stay at the elementary school they are presently attending for Kindergarten.

The District strives to meet the needs of Pre-K students.

How does my proximity to the school impact my chance of enrollment at the site?

There are two Proximity Preferences. Proximity Preference 1 (P1) is given to students living within approximately two miles driving distance of a school. Proximity Preference 2 (P2) is given to elementary and middle school students living within approximately two to five miles driving distance of a school or the school closest to their residence within their zone. There is no P2 for high school students.

Proximity can be helpful unless there are more students living in the proximity area ranking the same school as their first choice than there are available seats.

All preferences are most beneficial to the students when used as your first choice during the Open Enrollment application period. Ranking preferences as lower choices greatly diminishes their value.

If I have a unique situation, can my school principal approve a waiver?

There are many unique situations throughout the District. Student Enrollment personnel, not school staff, may approve waivers. Any parent that believes he/she has a true and unique hardship requiring enrollment to a particular school may submit a waiver request. Keep in mind that in some cases, obtaining a waiver may require you to provide your own transportation.

If I want to change my child's school for the upcoming school year, what steps should be followed?

Parents desiring a change of schools must submit an application, ranking all schools within the appropriate sub-zone. Once an application is submitted, the current school of enrollment is forfeited and a new enrollment is made. Parents will be notified of the school of enrollment after the applications have been processed at the end of the application period. There is no guarantee of a particular school enrollment when submitting an application through the lottery process. The student could be assigned to any school within the sub-zone based on the lottery process, perhaps even rotating back into the original school of enrollment.

If my child is currently enrolled in a District school and I want to apply for a different school or program, can I hold on to his/her seat in their current school until I find out about the other program?

Once an application is submitted, the current school of enrollment is cancelled and a new enrollment is made. Prior to submitting an application for a change of enrollment, Student Enrollment personnel can determine if there are openings at the school you desire. You would submit an application only if there were openings; otherwise, your child would stay at their current school of enrollment. Reminder, only one transfer per school year is permitted.

Is my incoming Kindergarten child automatically registered in school?

Every child in the district who is five years old on or before September 1st of the new school year must register at one of the offices and participate in the Student Enrollment process.

The District allows Kindergarten parents to submit required paperwork in November. This will enable incoming Kindergarten students to receive preprinted applications in January. The preprinted applications may be completed online, mailed to Student Enrollment or hand-delivered.

What do I need to do if my student is leaving the District during the summer months?

Parents of students leaving a District school are asked to fax/email a letter to [email protected] with a copy of the parent's photo ID. Include the following information:

  • Student's Name
  • Student's Date of Birth
  • Name of the school they are currently enrolled in the Lee County School District

*Information may be hand delivered to a Student Enrollment office.

Note: During the school year you must contact your school of enrollment to provide notification that your child is leaving the District.

What do the letters stand for on the application receipt next to the list of schools?

The letters, if any, represent preferences given to your child's application.

  • E - Exceptional Student Education (ESE)
  • S - Sibling Preference/
  • P1 - Proximity Preference 1 (within approximately two miles)
  • P2 - Proximity Preference 2 (within approximately two to five miles, or the school closest to their residence within their zone)

Preferences, if any, are most beneficial to the student when used as your first choice. (Example: sibling, proximity, etc.) Ranking them as lower choices can greatly diminish their value.

Where is the Student Enrollment Office located?

The Student Enrollment Office is located inside The Lee County Public Education Center

2855 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33966 

Office Hours are Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Questions are welcomed at [email protected].


Who needs to participate in the Student Open Enrollment process?

All students registering for school in the District for the first time participates in the Student Open Enrollment process. This includes:

  • New students in any grade moving into the school district
  • Students entering Kindergarten, 6th grade or 9th grade.

Students in 5th or 8th grade who are already enrolled in the District, will receive an application in the mail and may register by mail or online at Applications must be submitted to the Student Enrollment Department.

Once a student is assigned to a school, they may remain at the school through its highest grade level, unless they move into a different zone or a sub-zone.

Will my younger child automatically be enrolled to the same school where the older sibling attends?

Incoming Kindergarten students currently attending a District Pre-K school (not VPK at a daycare or private center), will be automatically enrolled in the elementary school their sibling is attending.

If your child attended VPK at a daycare or private center, you must submit an application to the Student Enrollment Department. The student will receive a sibling preference to the school where their older sibling is currently enrolled. The preference assists in enrolling the student to the same school during the open enrollment process.

NOTE: If your child attending a District Pre-K school, certain situations may preclude automatic enrollment (IEP, Custody Issues)