Cancer Insurance

This is a voluntary benefit offered to employees who are working at least 20 hours or more in a regular position.

Employees and qualified dependents can be covered. Eligible dependent children must be under the age of 26 when initially enrolled, and can be covered until the end of the calendar year in which they turn 26 years of age with NO Criteria (such as dependent marital status, student status, financial dependency on the Covered Employee, etc.) 

Dependent Eligibility

Spouse-Legally Married

Children-Employee's natural, newborn, adopted, foster, step child(ren) (or a child for whom the Covered Employee has been court-appointed as legal guardian or legal custodian) 

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Benefit Highlights

  • No medical underwriting is required (guarantee of coverage), if enrolled within the initial enrollment period - 30 days from hire date. The next opportunity to enroll will be during the following Open Enrollment. Medical underwriting will be required during this period and coverage could be denied.
  • Waiver of premium after 90 days of disability due to cancer for as long as disability lasts.
  • Wellness benefit of $50 per calendar year for cancer screenings (i.e. mammograms, Pap smear, PSA, chest X-ray, etc.
  • The cancer benefit coverage is convertible. If you leave the district this benefit can be converted to an individual policy. Please contact Allstate for the convertible rates.
  • Pre- Existing Conditions - Benefits will not be paid during the first 12 months of coverage, if the covered person(s) had received medical advice or treatment 6 months prior to the effective date of coverage.

For The Wellness Claim Form Please Click The Link Below:

Premiums Per Paycheck

  Per Pay Period
Employee Only $9.50
Employee / Family $16.05


PLEASE NOTE: The premiums listed above are based on 24-pay periods. Employee who receive 20 paychecks (i.e. 186-day work schedule), will pay the rates listed above with an additional 20% pre-pay which will be applied toward summer coverage.

For the list of covered conditions and benefit details, please click the link below for the Allstate Cancer and Specified Disease Insurance brochure.

For The List Of Covered Conditions And Benefit Details, Please Click The Link Below For The Allstate Cancer Insurance Brochure.

Click The Link Below For The Allstate Claim Form