Eligibility Pool (Waiting List)

How does the Eligibility Pool (Waiting list) Work?

The eligibility pool runs from the date the first group of applicants is processed until July 31st. If the student withdraws to attend a charter, virtual, private or home school, they will automatically be removed from the list. The eligibility pool for the upcoming school year ends on July 31st .

The eligibility pool does not roll over from one school year to another.


Please remember, the Student Enrollment Department cannot reach parents/guardians if contact information is missing or inaccurate.

  • keep phone number up to date
  • Keep address information up to date

Parent/Guardians are responsible for notifying the current school or Student Enrollment of any changes to telephone numbers or address. (Proper documentation is required to change a student's address, please contact the student's school or visit Student Enrollment Registration Requirements for information).