Safe Schools

Safe Schools is a State of Florida, categorical allocation that is used to provide schools with funding for such programs as: School Resource Officers (SRO's) and Alternative to Suspension Programs.

Most of the Safe Schools programs are achieved through cooperative efforts between the school district and community resources, such as our School Resource Officer Program.


From the funds in Specific Appropriation 81, $64,456,019 is provided for Safe Schools activities and shall be allocated as follows: $62,660 shall be distributed to each district, and the remaining balance shall be allocated as follows: two-thirds based on the latest official Florida Crime Index provided by the Department of Law Enforcement and one-third based on each district's share of the state's total un-weighted student enrollment.

Alternative to Suspension Program

Money is allocated to each middle and high school at the beginning of the school year to run their Alternative to Suspension Programs. This program runs Monday through Friday before or after school and / or Saturday mornings.

Safe Schools Week

October 18-24, 2015

The National School Safety Center, state governors and state school superintendents sponsor America's Safe Schools Week, October 18-24, 2015. This observance is also actively supported by local, state and national public officials and professional organizations.

Significant progress is being made to ensure that all of our nation's schools are safe, secure and productive. At the forefront of this movement are hundreds of exemplary school, district, state and national programs. To recognize these successes and encourage others, October 18-24, 2015, has been proclaimed America's Safe Schools Week. NSSC invites you to participate in this annual observance that was originally established by the National School Safety Center in 1984.

NSSC's goal in this campaign is to motivate key education and law enforcement policymakers, as well as students, parents and community residents, to vigorously advocate school safety. School safety includes keeping campuses free of crime and violence, improving discipline, and increasing student attendance. School that are safe and free of violence, weapons and drugs are necessary to ensure the well-being of all children and the quality of their education.

While most schools have existing safety programs, these programs often need conscientious, creative application to improve their effectiveness. Following is a list of ideas and activities that may appropriately be introduced during America's Safe Schools Week. Some of these suggestions may already be part of district or school site programs. Many of these ideas may be initiated and carried out by school-site principals or parents' groups working with local school administrators or by school district public relations directors, working cooperatively with school superintendents and other district administrators.

America's Safe Schools Week provides a unique opportunity for you and your organization to focus on educational issues that directly affect your constituency. We at the National School Safety Center ask you to join the constituents of your state and school community to help the future of this country by observing America's Safe Schools Week, October 18-24, 2015.


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