Guest Teacher Application Process - Step 3

Applying to the Guest Teacher Pool - Additional Details

Create or use existing account to apply to the guest teacher pool with the application link that was provided by the recommending administrator. After you have applied to the Guest Teacher Pool submit reference forms and official transcripts.

  • 3 Reference forms completed on the Guest Reference form - One reference must be from your current or most recent employer. (Please make sure that person completing the reference fills in the dates worked or the dates they have known you)

When submitting any documents to the School District of Lee County for a Guest Teaching Position make sure a document submission form is attached to each event of submission filled out with your information.

Document Submission Form

Example: I am submitting a copy of my High School Diploma and 3 reference forms. I only need to fill out one document submission form for these 4 documents.

Guest Teacher Reference Form

Sample Email

Break down of the example above:

Sample Email Breakdown

  • Official Transcripts with a minimum of 60 semester credit hours; or a conferred degree (Associate, Bachelor, Master or higher; from an accredited institution of higher learning). **If you are submitting official transcripts with a different name than the one you applied with, please notify the HR Staffing Team.**;
  • We only accept official transcripts that are paper based (sealed) not an electronic version such as a PDF
  • Before you are an employee with the School District, we associate your documents with your applicant ID which was generated when you made your account to apply to the guest teacher pool. If you have numerous accounts or applied with a different name than what you had on your transcripts, it could slow the hiring processes down if you do not inform us. Please fill out a document submission form when submitting transcripts to alleviate these issues. When you are handing in your transcripts attach the filled out document submission form like the picture below.


    Example of Acceptable and Not Acceptable Transcripts

    Acceptable Not Acceptable
    Acceptable Transcript
    Not Acceptable Transcript
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    Finding your Applicant ID

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