Guest Teacher Application Process - Step 2

Recommendation of School District of Lee County Administrator – Additional Details

(the recommendation comes in the form of a proprietary application website that is provided to you by the recommending administrator or their designee)

  • It is preferred that the recommendation comes from a school-based administrator (Principal or Asst. Principal), although any administrator is welcome to make the recommendation.
  • For individuals new to the area or who do not have a professional rapport with an existing administrator, it is suggested that you reach out to one of the neighborhood schools. Please do not make an unannounced visit to a school requesting a recommendation. Email or phone is probably best, given the busy nature of their daily operations. Introduce yourself, offer your resume for review and inquire as to what would be necessary to earn their recommendation into the guest teacher pool. It may be that they will review your resume, or perhaps meet (interview) you, or if your schedule permits, offer to volunteer at the school. If you have exhausted all other options, then please contract, Karen Quinn.
  • Step 2

    Step 2