Two Mile Limit

2 Mile Limit for Transportation Services

Students who live within the 2 Mile limit from home to school are not provided transportation services as per Florida Rule 6A-3.001 (3)

A reasonable walking distance for any student who is not otherwise eligible for transportation pursuant to Section 236.083, Florida Statutes, is any distance not more than two (2) miles between the home and school or one and one-half ( 1 & 1/2 ) miles between the home and assigned bus stop. Such distance shall be measured from the closest pedestrian entry point of the property where the student resides to the closest pedestrian entry point of the assigned school building or to the assigned bus stop. The pedestrian entry point of the residence shall be where private property meets the public right-of-way. The district shall determine the shortest pedestrian route whether or not it is accessible to motor vehicle traffic.

IDENTIFICATION OF HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS – When a request for review is made to the District’s Transportation Department concerning a condition perceived to be hazardous to students who live within the 2 mile limit and walk to school, such condition shall be inspected by a representative of the school district to see if it meets the State's requirements for Hazardous Conditions as per Florida Statute 1006.23.

Transportation Review Committee

Transportation Review Committee


School Board Policy 7.02 (12)

A Transportation Review Committee (TRC) shall be formed to hear any request of individual concern caused by unusual situations or hardships. The committee shall consist of:

  • Director of Transportation
  • One Principal – Elementary of Middle School
  • One representative from each School Choice Zone elected by the District Advisory Council
  • Transportation Safety Supervisor
  • One Local Law Enforcement Officer

The TRC shall meet biweekly, as needed, to consider requests for exceptions to this administrative regulation.

Steps Prior to Requesting a Hearing with the TRC

  • Step 1 – Complete and submit a Bus Stop/Change Request Form to your child’s school. (The forms are located at the individual schools.)   
  • Step 2 – After verifying the information on the form, the school will approve or deny the request based upon School Board policy. If the request falls within the parameters of the School Board policies, it will then be forwarded to the routing department.
  • Step 3 - The routing department reviews the request to ensure that it meets district, state and federal guidelines.
  • Step 4 - The school is notified if the request has been approved or denied.
  • Step 5 - The school will notify the parents of the outcome.
  • Step 6 - If the parents do not agree with the decision, they can call the assistant director of transportation for the zone in which their child attends school.  


  • East Zone Assistant Director              Ms. Ellen Lucas             (239) 303 – 5900
  • West Zone Assistant Director             Mr. James Buchanon      (239) 242 – 6909
  • South Zone Assistant Director            Mr. Roger Lloyd            (239) 590 - 4003   


Transportation Review Committee Requirements