In-Zone Transfers

Parents or guardians may request one transfer for their child to attend another school in their Choice Zone at certain times by reapplying through the school selection and student assignment process. Such transfers are subject to the same factors affecting initial school assignments.

The parent or guardian must make any request for transfer at a student assignment office, indicating their ordered preference of the schools in the Choice Zone for which they are eligible.

Absent extenuating circumstances, only one such transfer is permitted during an academic year. In addition, if a transfer request is made during the first fifteen days of each school year, the student will immediately be removed from the eligibility pool for any requested school. In-zone transfers for KG through 8th grade students are not permitted during FTE reporting periods, county-wide testing dates, three weeks prior to the end of the first semester, or the last quarter of each school year. In-zone transfers for all high school students will be limited to the end of the first semester. Transfers will be permitted for students in grades 9 through 12 that win a seat on an eligibility pool during the first 15 days of school.

The 2018-2019 school year, incoming seniors will be restricted from exercising their annual transfer after the end of the first semester of their junior year.


There are four recognized grounds for waivers allowing permanent assignments that are not subject to the priorities and guidelines of the Plan. Parents must provide their own transportation if a waiver is approved unless transportation is already set up and there are seats available on the bus.

Employee waiver

An employee may request an employee waiver during Batch 1 only when he or she works at a school on a full-time basis and wants their child to attend that school or a sister school.

Hardship waiver

A waiver may be granted when extenuating circumstances, which can be documented, exist for a family and those circumstances necessitate the placement of a student at a different school than the school assigned. If the student assignment office denies a hardship waiver the first time it is submitted, the parent or guardian has the right to request a second review. If the student assignment office declines the waiver request after a second review, a third review may be requested. A committee composed of three-to-five community members selected by the Superintendent from the Unitary School System Advisory Committee and/or the former Student Assignment Task Force will conduct the third review. The committee shall be known as the Student Assignment Community Committee. No District staff will be appointed to this Student Assignment Community Committee. Parents and guardians are encouraged to provide additional documentation to support their hardship as they move to a higher level in the review process. All decisions by the Student Assignment Community Committee shall be reviewed and approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Junior - Senior waiver

A student who has been in attendance at a high school for four consecutive semesters and moves to a different zone may request a Junior/Senior waiver in order to stay at that school until graduation. High School waivers may also be granted for those students who have remained in the International Baccalaureate or Center for the Arts programs for four consecutive semesters and want to leave the program but remain at the same school.

Moving waiver

A parent or guardian who moves into a different zone during the school year after the first grading period is eligible for a moving waiver to continue the child at his or her current school until the end of the year. The parent or guardian is required to complete an application for the next year for the correct zone at the time of filing a moving waiver request.

Additional Information

The District may, in the interest of promoting student assignment stability, approve a temporary student assignment waiver. Such a waiver shall expire at the end of the academic year in which it is requested.

The District may also grant a waiver in the form of a temporary reassignment to a school in another choice zone if it can be assured, to the satisfaction of the Director of Student Assignment, that the student’s residence will change to the new zone in the first semester of the academic year and that it is in the best interest of the child to begin and complete the school year in the new zone of residence.