Jennifer Zengel
Secretary to Assistant Director

Office Phone: 239-337-8522
Office Fax: 239-335-1452

Welcome to the Student Welfare and Attendance section of the Student Services web site. Student Welfare and Attendance is an ongoing student services program that provides attendance and school social work services to students in grades PresK-12, referred by public and non-public schools, families, and community sources.

Philosophy: "Students must be present to learn"
Vision: To Empower all Students to Attend School Daily


To support schools in their efforts to achieve academic success by providing attendance services and professional social work interventions to students, families, schools, and the community in an efficient and effective manner.

Our Goals

  • Improve student attendance / Reduce truancy
  • Increase graduation rate / Reduce drop-out rate
  • Increase parent / community involvement
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Student Welfare and Attendance services

The Attendance Program Activities include:

  • Assisting schools with the early identification of student exhibiting patterns of nonattendance;
  • Promoting positive student and parent attitudes toward attendance;
  • Analysis of causes of nonattendance; and
  • Enforcement of compulsory school attendance.