Education services are provided through daily classroom experiences that are intentionally planned to develop skills that are important for success in kindergarten. Children learn best through active learning experiences that have a purpose and are meaningful to them. Teachers make observations daily to plan for and guide children based on their individual needs.

Classrooms are arranged to offer multiple opportunities for children to explore, discover, and grow. The classroom is set up in learning areas. The daily schedule and routines are established to structure the day. The goal is to create a classroom community where children learn how to get along with others, solve problems peacefully and learn the academic skills they need to be successful in school.

Family & Community

Family Services Support staff recruit and enroll families into all Early Childhood Programs including Head Start, Early Head Start, Even Start and Voluntary Prekindergarten.

All families have wishes and dreams for themselves and their family members. The Family and Community staff work with each family individually to express and reach these goals. This partnership may include:

  • assisting families connect with community resources
  • training on topics requested by parents including discipline, nutrition, and budgeting
  • connect families with community services including job fairs, English and GED classes, child care providers

Mental Health

Mental Health and Wellness Services are provided to Early Head Start and Head Start children. These services support positive social emotional growth for young children and their families.  By engaging parents in program services, they are provided many opportunities to learn about mental and behavioral health.  A strong foundation of social and emotional skills will prepare children for school readiness.

Mental Health and Wellness Services include:

  • General classroom observations
  • Conscious Discipline and Second Step program training and consultation
  • Counseling and/or social skills groups
  • Parenting classes
  • Consultation with parents, guardians and staff
  • Short term family counseling
  • Referrals to community agencies
  • Information provided to families as appropriate
  • Staff training and wellness


Children with disabilities make up at least 10% of enrollment and must meet specific eligibility criteria. We believe all children are special and have unique ways of learning. Because of this belief, children with disabilities are a welcome part of our Early Head Start and Head Start Programs.

Children younger than three:

  • Must have an Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP) to qualify as a child with a disability
  • May receive services in a center based or homebased program depending on where they live

Children ages three to five:

  • Must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to qualify as a child with a disability
  • Are often referred to Head Start by the Lee County School District's Exceptional Student education (ESE) Department

Specialists in the areas of child development, curriculum, and disabilities work together with parents and teachers to make sure that all children grow, play, and learn together.

Health Services

Three registered nurses who are the health specialists, oversee the Health and Dental needs of all enrolled children. The health specialists are available for any questions, concerns, or needs about your child’s health plan. If you need help, call 239-332-2512 to speak to a nurse.

The health specialists will communicate with parents in a variety of ways:

  • to inform parents if a health problem is identified
  • to share the results of children's screenings (vision, height, weight, speech, and hearing)
  • to provide articles on nutrition, dental health and other topics in the monthly Parent Involvement Press
  • to share at parent meetings in the classrooms
  • to provide reminders of children's upcoming physicals or shots
  • to provide other health information parents request