Shanna Flecha
Executive Director

Dr. Sherri Freeman
Executive Director

Dr. Andrei Ghelman
Director, School Transformation

Dr. Douglas Santini
Executive Director

Main Number: 239-335-1455
Fax: 239-337-8600

Mission / Vision

To support, develop, and serve schools to ensure the development of our schools and student success. This is accomplished through the alignment of student and school information, curriculum / instructional practices and communication between the parents and schools.


Martha Gonzalez
Executive Secretary, 239-335-1457

Bellamy Hackney
Executive Secretary, 239-461-8425

Carol Woelke
Administrator for Parent Communications, 239-337-8154


Dr. Pete Bohatch
County Athletic Director, Constituent Services & Student Discipline, 239-337-8181

Debi Bailey
Secretary to the Principal/Athletics, 239-337-8181

The Athletics Department serves to develop, enhance, and oversee the interscholastic athletic programs at the high school and middle school levels.  We strive to promote athletic experiences that contribute to the entire educational process and addresses the physical, mental, and moral welfare of our student-athletes.  We provide leadership and serve as an information resource to school administration, coaches, student-athletes, parents and community members to inform and enforce district and state policies and procedures.

Two priorities for our department are:

  • Provide a safe environment for student athletes to participate
  • Promote good sportsmanship and fair play