A home education student is eligible for the Bright Futures Scholarship if they have been registered with the home education program for two years (grades 11 and 12). During spring of the student's grade 12 school year, The School District of Home Education Department's School Counselor WILL confirm these grade level enrollments and submit your student's volunteer hours.  The Home Education Department DOES NOT submit student official trancripts or SAT/ACT scores to Bright Futures.  Students must work with a college/university for official transcript and SAT/ACT submission to Bright Futures.  Contact the Home Education School Counselor, 337-8681, for more information.  Be sure to review the Bright Futures Home Education Guide (below) and contact Bright Futures directly,, 1-888-827-2004.

After October 1, 2017, students are encouraged to create their Bright Futures account:  

The home education school counselor CANNOT post volunteer/community service hours if a student has not completed the Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA).    

Students who wish to qualify for Bright Futures and receive a diploma from The School District of Lee County should consider enrollment in a Lee County public high school for both their 11th and 12th grades.