Can you explain the proximity preference system?

Proximity Preference 1

This preference is available to students living within a two mile driving distance from a school within their zone. Students with Proximity Preference 1 are considered to be walkers or car riders. Bus transportation is not provided to students who live within the two miles as per State Law and Board Policy. Parents ranking a school with Proximity Preference 1 as their first choice have a stronger chance of being assigned to that school than a student without Proximity Preference 1, thus allowing students to be assigned a school closest to home when applying during the first application period.

Proximity Preference 2

Proximity Preference 2 was developed to increase the number of students being assigned to a school within five miles of their home, thereby reducing transportation costs. Proximity Preference 2 would allow students living beyond the two miles preference to a school that is within approximately 2.1 miles to 5 miles of their home within their zone. Parents ranking a school with Proximity Preference 2 as their first choice during the first application period would have a better chance of being assigned to that school than students living beyond the 5 miles. Bus transportation would be provided to students with Proximity Preference 2. Students may receive Proximity Preference 2 to more than one school based on their address and school locations near their residence. The Proximity Preference 2 only applies to elementary & middle school students.

Sibling Preference

Sibling Preference is siblings wanting to attend a school where a sibling already attends. Sibling preference is the strongest preference, followed by Proximity Preference 1 and then Proximity Preference 2.

Additional Information

If you apply after the first enrollment period and you have preferences, they will only be beneficial if there are still seats available in that school. If the school that you have the preferences for is already full after the first enrollment period the preference will not help you.

Parents have the right to rank their schools in any order they personally prefer regardless of any preference afforded to them via the Student Assignment Plan. Parents do not have to rank a school with a preference as their first choice school.

Parents that have a sibling preference in addition to proximity preference are strongly encouraged to rank the school with sibling preference as their first choice, followed by any Proximity 1 or Proximity 2 preferences they may have.