This year, more than 17,000 students participated in the District’s Student Assignment lottery. Preliminary data indicates more than 84% of families received their first-choice school for the 2017-18 school year. In addition, over 95% received one of their top three choices.

87% of the students entering kindergarten, 82% of student entering sixth grade, and 84% of students entering ninth grade in 2017 - which are the students mandated to participate in Student Assignment - received their first choice. These percentages will continue to rise as we draw closer to the start of the 2017-18 school year.

“Over the next several months, we will process the eligibility pools as vacancies occur, which will move many students into their first-choice schools,” said Leila Muvdi, Director of Student Assignment. “By the 15th day of school, the percentage of families who receive their first-choice school will exceed 90%.”

This year almost 5,000 student applied online to participate in the Student Assignment process. This option continues to grow in popularity because of convenience. Parents who chose the online option are able to view their student’s assigned school today by clicking on the following link and entering their PIN:

The District will mail notices to all families who participated on April 21, 2017.

If a student received a school other than their first choice, they are automatically placed in the eligibility pool for their first-choice school. It is unnecessary for parents to call requesting placement in an eligibility pool – it’s automatic.

Parents who have questions about the student assignment program can call the Student Assignment Office at 239-337-8247.

Below is a breakdown, by grade level, of the total applications processed during the Open Enrollment period:

  • Kindergarten: 4,522
  • 1st Grade: 321
  • 2nd Grade: 236
  • 3rd Grade: 233
  • 4th Grade: 231
  • 5th Grade: 193
  • 6th Grade: 5,712
  • 7th Grade: 200
  • 8th Grade: 153
  • 9th Grade: 6,539
  • 10th Grade: 246
  • 11th Grade: 227
  • 12th Grade: 50
  • Grand Total: 17,067