The School District of Lee County and the Foundation for Lee County Public Schools are committed to the success of each student, and in turn, our community. We have established ambitious goals to assist our students in becoming college and career ready so they can help us grow and strengthen the economy of Southwest Florida.

It’s no secret our public school systems are faced with more challenges than ever before. The School District of Lee County has solutions for each of these challenges. They are outlined in Vision 2020, our strategic plan, but in order to achieve them, we need your help. We hope you will consider making a tax-exempt donation to one of the following causes:

  • Expand the number of high-quality pre-kindergarten classes:  Currently, 984 children are enrolled in our pre-kindergarten programs.  Our school district is fortunate to have nine community partners, who provide outstanding, school district-endorsed preschool programs.  However, there are many children who cannot attend due to distance, cost or simply space.  These children will enter kindergarten at a disadvantage.
  • Expand the number of high-quality after school and summer programs:  The School District of Lee County provides a variety of programs at our schools, and we are fortunate to have over 25 community partners who offer exceptional after school and/or summer programs.  However, there are thousands of children who cannot afford to attend.  There are also students who would like to expand their knowledge of science, math, engineering, and the arts through these kinds of programs.
  • Grow Your Own Program:  From the moment students enter school, a teacher begins life-changing work by helping them learn to read and write, do math, engage in science, and discover the fascinating world around us.  Research indicates a teacher makes the greatest difference in a child’s education and future success.  The School District of Lee County is committed to attracting and retaining the best teachers in the nation by providing scholarships to students and support staff who commit to a teaching career with our district.
  • Capital Improvements:  Our district is growing every year by 1,800 students.  With growth, comes the need for new schools, while maintaining current facilities.  Our capital funding has been reduced by $200 million over the past ten years.  Our capital funding gap is nearly $478 million over the next five years. We must ensure students and teachers have safe, modern learning environments.
View our Vision 2020 plan at: There you can learn more about our plan, and donate to the most important investment possible – our children!