Great news for two Lee County high school juniors.  Audrianna Macchia from North Fort Myers High School and Mary Brady from Cape Coral High School have been selected as Sunshine State Scholars for 2018. That means they are the Lee County School District’s top 11th grade students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM).

Audrianna Macchia has a weighted Grade Point Average of 5.14.  She has also somehow also managed to complete 146 hours of community service.  Her school counselor, Darcy Coleman says they are so are excited for Audrianna to participate in the Sunshine State Scholars event.  “She is a dedicated student who excels in math and science here at North Fort Myers High School.  We are proud for her to represent our school”.

Mary Brady is the Founder and President of the Science National Honors Society at Cape Coral High School.  She participated in a two week STEM camp at FGCU last summer.  Her weighted Grade Point Average is 5.0.  Her IB Counselor Michael Cook says, “In all endeavors, I have seen neither complacency nor timidity. Mary knows that excellence comes from effort. It is not her success that is impressive, it is her constant pursuit of excellence that is remarkable.”

The Sunshine State Scholars event is a convergence of Florida’s highest caliber STEM students, the universities that hope to enroll them, and employers who might soon be very pleased to have them on their team.  It will be held May 17-18, 2018 in Orlando.  Audrianna and Mary will join the state’s 100 other top 11th grade STEM students for an extraordinary two-day program. Together they will conduct a “think tank” on tough Florida challenges.

The two-day program culminates with the Commissioner of Education honoring each scholar for their significant academic accomplishments and celebrated for the potential they represent for our communities and state.

In addition to bringing together the scholars to be honored by the Commissioner of Education, representatives from Florida’s colleges and universities meet with the students and discuss higher education opportunities available to them in Florida.