Junior Nichelle Agosto was studying at a music conservatory in Puerto Rico when she transferred to Mariner High School. Her mom was shipping her personal items from Puerto Rico to Cape Coral. Before her mother could send her bass to Cape Coral, Hurricane Maria battered the island.  Nichelle's bass was ruined when her home flooded. 

Natalie Kondos founded Instruments of Hope with the purpose of replacing or repairing musical instruments for programs and/or individual students who have been through a hurricane, flood, tornado, or other natural disaster.  Just a junior at Pine View School in Osprey, Natalie has spent the last year raising money for her first donation.  When she heard Nichelle’s story and her need for an Upright Bass to play at Mariner High School she knew she had found a match.

“The bass is huge and magnificent!” Natalie says. “I have played it a couple of times and it has a beautiful tone. I'm really excited about giving this instrument to Nichelle so she won't have to share an instrument next year.” 

Instruments of Hope is a nonprofit organization founded by Natalie Kondos, 16, of Punta Gorda, Florida. When she was just three years old, Natalie’s home was severely damaged by Hurricane Charley. It took nearly three years to repair the house and get things back in order. With that difficult experience as inspiration, our mission is to reach out to young people in communities affected by natural disasters by offering them donated musical instruments free of charge.