Register Your Account

Once you receive an email welcoming you to the district from the Human Resources department. You will need to register your account with The School District of Lee County. This will allow you to log onto district computers/email through a single user name and password.  Please conduct this step first in order to finish your onboarding processes. 

Link to register your account:
Need Assistance? Call the IT Support Help Desk: 239-337-8221
Job Aid Documentation: Link 

Register for the Leave Management System (LMS)

After you have registered your network account in step one, you will receive an email from the Payroll Department containing registration information with the LMS. This email might take 24 to 48 hours after registering your account in step one. Please contact the LMS Operator in the Payroll Department if you questions in this step of the process.

Christine Blanchard LMS Operator
Email: [email protected]
Telephone Number: 239-335-1445

Health Screening

The School District of Lee County requires new hires to go through a health screening. The physician that will conduct the health screening (Physical and TB Test) needs to fill out the Health Certificate (link to document) and submit the document to the Guest Teacher Contact in the Human Resources department.

Karen Quinn; Guest Teacher Contact
Email: [email protected]
Telephone Number: 239-461-8486


During your onboarding process the district requires certain training courses to be completed by certain time constraints. Please refer to your New Hire packet from the Human Resources department for a more detailed explanation or the guest teacher training page

30 days from you hire date60 days from your hire date
* Identifying and reporting child abuse and neglect

* OSHA Safety training

* Acceptable Use of Internet and Technology Training

Obtain your Photo ID Badge

Please fill out the request form and follow the instructions on the document. You will need to take the filled out form to the Districts Security Department. (Location, times, and instructions are on the form) Until you have obtained your Photo ID Badge, please present your driver license to the school personnel when you are signing in for the guest teacher job you have accepted.

Link to the Photo ID Badge Request Form

In regards to badges the dates, time and contact is below:

  • Time: M-F,  9-11am and 1-3pm
  • Contact: Greg Lindsay 239-337-8314 or 239-461-8454