The School District of Lee County participates in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs in order to offer nutritious meals to our students. Breakfast meals are provided to all students free of charge. Lunch meals provided to students are not free and must be paid for at time of service unless the household has applied for, and qualified for, meal assistance benefits or the school has qualified under the Community Eligibility Provision of the National School Lunch Program. Benefits can be applied by completing a National School Lunch Program Free or Reduced price meal application or by enrolling in other qualified state or federal meal assistance programs.

Parents can apply for meal assistance at any time during the school year and additionally reapply whenever there has been a change in their financial circumstances. Applications for Free or Reduced meals are available to complete online at or by requesting a paper application from the school office or by contacting the Food and Nutrition Services department at 239-461-8459.

Lunch prepayment accounts are available for each student and can be established free of charge through the school cafeteria. In addition, an on-line prepayment system can also be utilized call, where student meal funds can be periodically replenished or automatically replenished from the parent/guardian credit card account. Prepayment balance inquiries are also available free of charge 24/7 utilizing the website at The Parents or the guardians currently listed for the student are responsible for any lunch debts incurred by the student. It is also the responsibility of the parents or Guardian to maintain a positive meal prepayment balance or provide daily meal funds should the student choose to accept a student lunch meal.

The following is the process schools will follow regarding student meal debts, notices, payments and collections

  • Student meal charges are limited to one charged meal.
  • Additional student meal charges require school administration approval.
  • Applicable student meal fees for lunch meals provided to students without adequate meal funds will be charged to that student’s school meals account at time of service.
  • School Administration will be notified daily of student meal negative account balances.
  • Parent/Guardian will be notified via the District automated message system daily whenever a student account balance is in the negative.
  • School Administration will monitor student account negative balances and when necessary contact/correspond with responsible parent/guardian.
  • School Administration may authorize an administrator meal to students with a negative meal account balance.
  • School Administration retains the right to limit student participation in extracurricular activities due to unpaid meal debts.
  • School Administration retains the right to utilize collection agencies to secure unpaid meal debts.
  • Meal debt payments can be cash or check and should be supplied to the cafeteria cashier or Kitchen Manager (those enrolled in the MYSCHOOLBUCKS prepayment system can settle meal debts using a credit card on line)