Madison Prusak is a 4 year varsity letterman for the North Fort Myers High School volleyball team. Her senior season highlights include a 3.82 GPA and being named the 2015 Florida Athletic Coaches Association All-Star Player of the Year. She has committed to Felician University in New Jersey.

2 Schools, 1 Home

December 9, 2015

Riverdale High School students are making great friends and discovering a new home at Buckingham Exceptional Center.

Let's take a look at our District Wins!


  • Island Coast High School
  • Allen Park Elementary School
  • Lexington Middle School
  • East Lee County High School
  • Skyline Elementary School
  • Trafalgar Middle School
  • South Fort Myers High School
  • Tice Elementary School
  • Caloosa Elementary School
Chad Lyons has taught for 43 years in the School District of Lee County. In this episode Mr. Lyons explains how he became a teacher, why he loves his profession and his plans for retirement.

White Cane Awareness

November 20, 2015

Brandon Milan, 6th grade student at Diplomat Middle has had glaucoma since the age of 3. Brandon never lets his condition prevent him from living a fulfilling life.

Let's take a look at our District Wins!


  • Pride and Patriotism
  • Lexington Middle School
  • East Lee County High School
  • Gateway Elementary School
  • Fort Myers Middle Academy
  • Fort Myers High School
  • Alternative Learning Center West
  • Ida Baker High School
  • Caloosa Elementary School
  • Gulf Middle School
Matt Williams is an offensive lineman for Lehigh Senior High School. Matt has maintained a 3.7 GPA and is committed to Appalachian State, with a major in Actuarial Science.

Let's take a look at our District Wins 


  • Gulf Elementary School
  • Challenger Middle School
  • School District of Lee County Employees
  • Trafalgar Elementary School
  • Cypress Lake High School
  • Lexington Middle School
  • Pine Island Elementary School
  • Cypress Lake Middle School
  • The Alva School

A High Five For Good

November 4, 2015

Deputy Diego Orjuela is a School Resource Officer that goes above and beyond to ensure the safety and security of everyone at Mariner Middle School.