Staff Directory

Intervention Programs

Name Title Phone
Jeanne LaFountain Director, Intervention Programs 239-337-8113
Tina Noel Secretary to the Director 239-337-8311
Oscar Olguin Assistant Director, Intervention Programs 239-337-8114
Kim Prorok Title I Account II 239-939-6858
Kathy Rider Title I Account II 239-337-8357

Title I, Part A (Basic)

Name Title Phone
Lois Bachman Grant Specialist 239-337-8112
Lee Hughes Title I Program Administrator 239-335-1548
Jacqueline Mines Title I Social Worker 239-337-8111
Annette Tartaglia Title I Social Worker 239-337-8175

Title I, Part C (Migrant Education Program)

Name Title Phone
Michele Eskritt Support Specialist 239-337-8337
Saby Ibañez Title I Migrant Recruiter 239-337-8354
Oscar Olguin Migrant Education Program 239-337-8114
Eva Ramirez Title I Migrant Recruiter 239-337-1433
Michael Rokosh Title I Migrant Specialist 239-335-1499
Becky Silva Title I Migrant Recruiter 239-335-8354

Title III (English for Speakers of Other Languages - ESOL)

Name Title Phone
Alison Clines ESOL Specialist 239-337-8395
Cindya Cortes Compliance Specialist 239-337-8634
Carla Huck ESOL Specialist 239-337-1579
Nancy Irwin ESOL Specialist 239-335-1514
Luz Merced ESOL Specialist 239-337-8223
Rosario Naranjo Compliance Specialist 239-335-1444
Dr. Carlos Negron Coordinator, ESOL 239-337-8339
Yelennys Ochoa ESOL Specialist 239-337-8338
Evelyn Rivera Coordinator, ESOL 239-337-8169
Milagros Sowers ESOL Specialist 239-461-8428