Steps to Apply

Step 1Print & complete the application for the program you are wanting to attend

Step 2Complete the Student Open Enrollment Process online with the District letter and PIN number sent on January 19th or by registering in person at a Student Assignment Office by February 15, 2018. (Students must complete the Student Open Enrollment Process and rank the schools available in their zone/subzone)

Step 3Print the receipt stating you have completed the Student Open Enrollment Process

Step 4Bring your completed special program application & student open enrollment receipt to the schools special program coordinator by February 16, 2018.

Step 5Acceptance letters will be mailed out on March 9th. Students must email or mail in a letter of intent by March 23rd or the seat will become available for another student.  

MS Arts Program (2018-2019) Applications

The arts programs with auditions will hold auditions at each school prior to the end of student open enrollment. More information about arts auditions can be found on each school’s website.

Open Houses


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