Every year, many, many bright, independent and highly motivated students complete high school without ever having attended a structured private and/or public high school.  Families work diligently to ensure that their home education high school student remains organized and tracks all of the needed "high school" things such as: graduation requirements, transcripts, scholarship opportunities, volunteer hours, dual enrollment, etc.  This website will provide you with the basics for completing high school as a home education student.  More detailed support and tools may be found on the website, Piecing Together the High School Puzzle, and The HomeScholar, Helping Parents Homeschool High School,  

Consider the Following Options for Completing High School:

Option 1

It is important for the parent to understand that there is no credit given by the Lee County School District during the period of time your child is enrolled in a Home Education program. If your child has been in the program for a year and then returns to the public school, grade placement and credits will be determined by the school administrators according to district policies. Basically, the student would receive the credit for the major subjects he/she had studied in home education after he/she has successfully completed his/her first semester back in the public school and provided proof of the core subjects studied.  If the high school student remains in the home education program for the duration of his/her high school years, he/she will not receive a high school diploma from the Lee County School District. 

However, he/she may elect to utilize the Affidavit of Home Education Program Completion (see below). The FPEA sponsors a graduation ceremony each spring to celebrate your student's completion of high school!  Check out their website for more details:  A homeschooling parent may issue their child a diploma.  The parent confers the diploma on the student, indicating the successful completion of their prescribed homeschooling course of study.

Option 2

A home schooled student may take the GED test at age 16 with permission of the parent/guardian and after passing an official GED practice test. Passing this test is equivalent to a high school diploma and would eliminate the need for establishing a required number of credits for graduation. Contact The School District of Lee County's Adult Education Department for details: 239-939-6300.

Option 3

A student may register with an accredited correspondence school.  These schools provide the textbooks and tests in order to keep a transcript of your child's credits. Furthermore, after successful completion of their courses/program of study, they will also award your child a high school diploma.  The parent should seek registration directly with that site.


Florida's public high school graduation requirements are specified in the following sections of Florida Statute (F.S.):

  • Section 1003.4282, F.S., Requirements for a standard high school diploma (effective July 1, 2013)
  • Section 1002.3105, F.S., Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning (ACCEL) options

Graduation requirements are specific to the year in which a student enters grade nine NOT the year the student expects to complete high school.  See file below for your specific graduation requirements.


Home education students may enroll directly with a postsecondary institution pursuant to Section 1007.271(10)(a), F.S.  The home education student may participate in dual enrollment at Florida Southwestern State College, Fort Myers Technical College, Cape Coral Technical College and/or Florida Gulf Coast University. College credits count toward both high school credit, a structured degree or certificate program. Legislation was passed in 1996 allowing registered homeschoolers free tuition but must supply their own instructional books/materials unless that college is providing dual enrollment materials/books to public or private school students in dual enrollment pursuant to s.1007.271(17), F.S. The parent must supply the college with their student's entrance requirements including but not limited to test scores such as ACT, SAT, or PERT.  Students in grade 6-9 will require special permission and two letters of recommendation.

Please contact the postsecondary institution for more infomation and registration details.  You will most likely need proof of your student's home education enrollment and statement of compliance within The School District of Lee County.  The Home Education Department will gladly assist you with this acknowledgement.


Admission to a state university in Florida is processed totally at the university. Universities base their admission criteria on minimums set by Florida Board of Governor Regulations PDF; however, they may establish higher standards. As a result of the institutions' space, faculty, resources, and policy limitations, a number of qualified students may, out of necessity, be denied admission to one or more of the state universities, but may be accepted for admission to others. 

Please consult the State University System website for details:  or  


A home education student is eligible for the Bright Futures Scholarship if they have been registered with the home education program for two years (grades 11 and 12). During spring of the student's grade 12 school year, The School District of Home Education Department's School Counselor WILL confirm these grade level enrollments and submit your student's volunteer hours.  The Home Education Department DOES NOT submit student official trancripts or SAT/ACT scores to Bright Futures.  Students must work with a college/university for official transcript and SAT/ACT submission to Bright Futures.  Contact the Home Education School Counselor, 337-8681, for more information.  Be sure to review the Bright Futures Home Education Guide (below) and contact Bright Futures directly,, 1-888-827-2004.

After October 1, 2016, students are encouraged to create their Bright Futures account:  The home education school counselor CANNOT post volunteer/community service hours if a student has not completed the Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA).    

Students who wish to qualify for Bright Futures and receive a diploma from The School District of Lee County should consider enrollment in a Lee County public high school for both their 11th and 12th grades.


Deadline: May 15, 2017

RAISE.ME (Micro Scholarships) 

Awards to: high school freshman, sophomores and juniors



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The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools, Inc EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE CENTER
Who: High School students in need of Bright Futures Volunteer Hours
Duties: greeting teachers, lifting boxes, sorting books, organizing supplies, clean up, computer work, clerical tasks, etc
When: The most need is for Wednesdays, 2:00-6:00 and Thursdays, 2:00-4:30
Qualifications: Must be cheerful and outgoing!  See flyer for details and contact information.